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             Pete Collom has been decorating the coast with his enchanted artwork for most of his adult life.  Its hard to go far in Half Moon Bay without running into one of his works. Collom's paintings hang in many local restaurants and shops, and his murals can be seen at many public spaces such as the Jetty skate ramp, The Barn, and the Malcom Feix memorial at surfers beach.
             Original artwork and Metal photo prints are displayed and for sale at the following locations:
-Gherkins Sandwich Shop, Montara
-The Press, El Granada
-Longboard Margarita Bar, Pacifica
-EL Granada Hardware Store, El Granada

  "As a child, I was intensely attracted to the aspects of painting.  Not only is it a meditative outlet for me mindfully, but it also has been a constant reminder to dream big and take chances everyday in life.  There are simply no rules in design and imagination for every canvas. This draws out so much freedom and desire to create.  I'm constantly excited about the endless possibilities of what my imagination is capable of.  With a new found passion in photography, I find these two mediums are a perfect platform for me to express myself visually."

                Prints typically take 2 weeks upon order and are equipped with hangers ready to display! Please inquire about artwork and photography quotes via E-mail or by phone.  (
Thanks for visiting my site! more to come....

Mobile:    650-454-6632    
Instagram:     petecollomart
Facebook:     Pete Collom Artist            
Venmo: @petecollom


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